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IT Consultancy Services

first rate technological solutions

If you have an IT department, we can complement and extend your staff, on-call, as needed. We provide a complete outsourcing solution, covering every aspect of developing and maintaining a network to developing policies procedures and budgets.


Our consulting services are normally charged by the hour. However, project work can be quoted at fixed priced from time to time. We often recommend to new clients that they use this option during an evaluation phase before they decide to engage us for an on-going relationship. Brand new clients also use our hourly support when they need immediate assistance. While this option is costlier per hour than our advance-pay options, and tend to be used mostly when there is a problem (often a crisis), and as a result it can be very reactive. Since the majority of IT problems can be prevented with our Managed Services programs, you may wish to utilize our services in a more proactive model.

Regardless of how you engage us, we understand what a small business requires, and we possess the experience and ability to provide industry best-practices. If you don’t have access to dependable IT expertise, allow Global Hostings to provide a complete outsourcing solution to benefit your business today and as it grows and changes.

Network Implementation

Let Global Hostings help you ensure you’re getting the right equipment and technology to match your business needs and goals.  We’ll work with you to understand your budget, needs, timelines and expectations.

We’ll even design and utilize our procurement services to prepare quotes on hardware, software, and services so you know what you’re spending and getting before you take that next step.  Contact us today to ensure your company implements the right network for your business the first time!